Weekly outline

  • Jèrriais Occasional Badge for Jersey Scouts Association

    The Jèrriais occasional badge is intended to celebrate La Fête du Jèrriais, which occurs once a year. The badge aims to introduce the Jèrriais language to children, while at the same time helping them to learn more about the history and culture of their island home. Children are required to learn and use key phrases and vocabulary. They also have opportunities to hear and use the language in a range of contexts including poems, stories and songs and are invited to participate in the annual festival.


    There are four sets of requirements for this badge aimed at Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Each has an accompanying resource pack including supporting visual and audio materials, which can be found below.

    We have also put together resource boxes containing objects and materials that might be needed in order to complete the various tasks and challenges. If you would like to borrow these boxes please get in touch via email to arrange collection.


  • Jèrriais Occasional Badge - Beavers

    How to earn your badge

    1. Find out more about the Jèrriais language. Find out:

      • What Jèrriais is and where it came from.
      • How many people still speak the Jèrriais language.
      • Why the Jèrriais language is critically endangered.
      • Why local people spoke Jèrriais during the Occupation.
      • Why so few people speak Jèrriais nowadays.

    2. Design a poster explaining why it is so important to keep Jèrriais alive.

    3. Learn how to say your name and ask someone for their name in Jèrriais. Learn how to say:

      • My name is…
      • What is your name?

    4. Learn to count to 12 in Jèrriais.

    5. Taste des mèrvelles d’Jèrri (Jersey wonders).

    6. Learn how to play the traditional Norman game Doque.

    7. Share the Jèrriais version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and act it out as a group.

  • Jèrriais Occasional Badge - Cubs

    How to earn your badge

    1. Learn how to greet and ask how someone is in Jèrriais. Learn how to say:

      • Hello
      • How are you?
      • I am… and you? (Learn 2 different responses)
      • Goodbye

    2. Learn and perform La Dance du Chapé, a traditional Jersey dance.

    3. Have a go at playing the bachîn.

    4. Learn colours in Jèrriais.

    5. Learn how to play the traditional Norman game Palet.

    6. Make un couleu d’Jèrri (a Jersey flag) and sing-a-long to Jersey’s national anthem Man Bieau P’tit Jèrri (My Beautiful Jersey).

  • Jèrriais Occasional Badge - Scouts

    How to earn your badge

    1. Learn the twelve parish names in Jèrriais. Find out the Jèrriais nick names given to different parishioners and what they mean.

    2. Learn how to say where you live in Jèrriais. Learn how to say:

      • I live in Jersey in [parish].

    3. Go on a Jèrriais scavenger hunt and learn more about your island home and our native language.

    4. Learn the days of the week and months of the year in Jèrriais.

    5. Make and taste des bourdélots (apple dumplings) or des fliottes (traditional batter recipe).

  • Jèrriais Occasional Badge - Explorers

    How to earn your badge

    1. Learn how to say where you come from and say your nationality in Jèrriais. Learn how to say:

      • I come from [place of birth]
      • I am [nationality]

    2. Learn the four points of the compass in Jèrriais.

    3. Have a go at la géomuch’chie (Jèrriais geocaching).

    4. Take an active part in La Fête du Jèrriais. Report back about to the rest of the group about your experience.

    5. Research and deliver a presentation to the rest of the group about the German occupation of Jersey during the Second World War. Find out why the Jèrriais language came in useful to Islanders who lived here during that time. Attend and take an active part in Liberation Day celebrations.